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Gabriel ifeanyichukwu Ugonnayaeh John Bosco Okafor

born in Nigeria Igbo Black Jewish tribe from family of 6 I am the 4th one! All my siblings are in medical field Nursing! Both my parents Teachers highly respected in Nigeria.

My Mother was one of the first few Women to be Educated in the 60’s and Fun Romantic part; She meant my Father who was Her teacher! I practiced as Western medicine Mid Level Practitioner as PA(Physician’s Assistant/Associate) for 15 years; 12 years having my own Collaborative Medical Practice!

My Eastern Medicine Journey started to heal myself after Mental Exhaustion Going through Divorce not fully fulfilled in my Western Medicine Career not knowing myself Failed as Husband Father to our 9 year old daughter!

To make change in myself be a better Soul being in PURPOSE left Western Medicine completely after Spiritual Awakening God revealed the self and All of Humanity! And my purpose was discovered heal evolve elevate and spread that DISEASE ILLNESS SICKNESS AND CONTAMINATE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE WITH SELF LOVE SELF CARE SELF HEALING WITH GOD SELF INSIDE!

Unconditional love that can heal consume all darkness into light! I become Holistic Nutritionist to understand Highest Consciousness foods; Toe Reader to learn how to ground become aware of universal energy God and HUMILITY! To be able to heal our root chakra! 

I became Ancient Knowledge Spiritual Reik! Master to heal with God love and teach others how to Achieve that Ancient knowledge wisdom and heal thyself through God’s Grace love! Study master Herbs Essential Oil healing modalities! Be Came Chakras Medical intuitive Healer and Advanced Spiritual Metaphysician!

I learned that most times Our souls chose a difficult path for soul to expand elevate so we can be a better Servant of God for Highest Greatest Good! With my Western & Eastern Medicine with Spiritual Healing Modalities and Toxic Relationships(Divorce Hate Resentment Cheating Past Absentee Father) and Personal Fuck up Dramas ? I can be a totally Wholesome Wholeheartedly Wholistic Balanced Healaer Practitioner Teacher Friend Mentor Motivational Inspirational Speaker!


  • Founder and Owner at GabeOk Services LLC.
  • Former Physician Associate / Former Co Owner at PA Med Group LLC
  • Studied Doctorate-PhD in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University
  • Studied Medical Intuitive Practitioner Chakara Specalist at Doctor Mona Lisa Schulz Medical college
  • Studied Master of Physician Assistant Practice at UTRGV – The University of Texas Rio Gra.

  • Studied Doctorate Of Metaphysics in Healing Body,Mind,Spirit Relationship.
  • Studied Holistic Health & Nutrition Specialist, Life Coach, Toe Reader at Southwest Institut
  • Studied BS in Biology and Psychology at Texas State University
  • Studied Physician Assistant Practice at Long Island U. Alum